5-Piece Aoarashi Matcha Set

5-Piece Aoarashi Matcha Set

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Everything you need to start brewing Matcha like an expert

This set contains our premium grade matcha and the tools for an authentic preparation.

This set includes:

1. Ceremonial Matcha

A 40g tin of AOARASHI matcha

2. Matcha Whisk / CHASEN

Carefully crafted bamboo whisk for brewing matcha

3. Matcha Bamboo Scoop / CHASHAKU

Traditional Japanese tea utensil for measuring out a serving of powdered matcha. One scoop is about 1 gram. 

4. Matcha Bowl / Chawan

Chawan is a bowl used for preparing and drinking matcha.

5. Tea Cloth / Chakin

Chakin is a cloth used for wiping matcha bowl in the tea ceremony.  


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